Artists of Jewish Central Poland

As part of our discovery of the culture of Jewish Central Poland, we are honouring the artists whom have come before us, those who are with us now, and those who become our future talented artists. This is a thorough compilation of artists, sculptors, architects, musicians, sculptors, architects, cantors, actors, singers —illustrating the wonderful artistic achievements of the descendants of Jewish Central Poland.

The idea of compiling this list began when Leon Zamosc identified 3 artists in the Kolo Yizkor Book.

“The Koło Yizkor book can be downloaded from:  The book contains references to three artists— painters from Koło. There are a few images of their works. I looked them up online.”.  Leon Zamosc, 2020.

Leon was obviously on the right frequency because simultaneously, an auction was being offered with a looming deadline for the purchase of a painting of Harry Daniels (Danielowicz of Kolo). Leon is now the proud owner of this painting. 

for additional details:

This compilation, by Arts and Culture Coordinator Bryan Kesselman, identifies twenty-one Professions in the category Arts and Culture of JCP.


Writers, Poets, Stage Actors Singers, Cantors, Religious authors, Composers, Singers, Musicians, Conductors, Actors, Musical Theatre actors, Musical Directors, Dramatists, Novelists, Journalists, Photographers, Historians, Painters, Architects, Sculptors, and Administrators in the Arts.

If you would like to recommend additional artists, please contact Bryan (

Renowned Artists (z”l) Listed by Shtetl in Order of Size of Jewish Population

(Artists were either born in, or lived and worked in associated shtetl—listed by size of shtetl as of 1939).

A selected few may also be found in the Renowned Personalities (z”l ) from JCP Shtetls allbum. Additional links may be found in Bryan’s compilation.

Lubien Kujawski

Brzesc Kujawski




  • Fishbein, Cantor Meir

Artists From Other Shtetls in JCP area

Dobrzyn nad Wisla