“For Balbina Nashelska-Rauff I could not find anything.” (Leon Zamosc June 2020)

Ken Drabinsky then discovered there was only one painting on the internet by a Balbina Rauf which was up for auction in 2006 called Venice theme painted (1925). It stated she was born in 1905.  There was no information on who bought it or its whereabouts today.

Genealogy of Balbina Nashelska-Rauf

The Kolo Yizkor Book reveals more information on the family. Fiszel Rauf and Balbina (nee Neshelski) had a son Daniel (pg. 379-382) .  Jewish Records Indexing-Poland  shows the birth of Fischel Rauf 1893 and the birth of Bina Naselski 1897—both in Kolo. Her parents were Lajb Naselski  (b. 1868) and Teofila Wachsztok (b. 1877).  Bina also had a brother born 1898 -Mordhaj Gabryjel Naselski and possibly a sister Cerka born 1900. We are awaiting the translation of the birth and marriage documents which are all in Russian.