Izbica Kujawska Shtetl

Izbica Kujawska

Izbica Kujawska Shtetl Coordinator: Ken A.Drabinsky (kendrabinsky at telus dot net)

Active Participant: Vivienne Durell

Number of  2021 ADJCP subscribers identified as Izbica Kujawska descendants:  15


Izbica Kujawska, the  largest shtetl in the ADJCP shtetl list, had a population of nearly 5at the end of 1939. As one of the oldest known shtetls, first known Jewish inhabitants date back to 1500 with the














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Witkowski, Krzysztof  editor: Z dziejów Żydów kolskich – w 70. rocznicę Zagłady w obozie zagłady Kulmhof (From the history of the Kolo Jews – on the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in the Kulmhof extermination camp Kolo 2012

Pinkas Hakelhillot Polin (Kolo Chapter) Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Poland Volume I Translation of Kolo Chapter Published by Yad Vashem, Jerusalem