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Zychlin Yizkor Book 

Status: Translation completed 

Original Publishing: Tel Aviv 1974

Edtor: Ami Shamir, Zychliner Organization of Israel and America 

ADJCP Project Coordinators: Leon Zamosc, David Goren, and Lori Sandoval

Date Initiated: Sept 1 2021

Date Completed: Oct. 28, 2021

Brief Summary

The Yizkor Memorial Book “tells the story of the Jews of Zychlin, their history, their affairs, their joys and their sorrows. The book was written and edited in Hebrew and Yiddish by Zychliner[s] who remember with deep affection their beloved hometown that is no more.” (Preface, Sefer Zychlin)

The memorial book Sefer Zychlin was originally published in Tel Aviv in 1974 by the Zychliner Organization of Israel and America.

Three sections were previously translated and were available on the JewishGen.org website:

Translation project from Hebrew and Yiddish into English was completed in 2021. Ten additional sections were added at the end of the original Yizkor Book  by the Project Coordinators:

The Yizkor Book was added to this section beause it would likely never have been written without the Holocaust wiping out most of the Zychlin Jewish families. It represents much of what we know about what events that transpired beginning in 1939.  Page 309 – 343


Other sources of interest are:

Report “About the dreadful days in the Wartheland (March 5, 1942)”About Fearful Days in Warta County: describing the situation in Zychln in the days before the liquidation of the ghetto. It was found in the Warsaw Ghetto Archives of Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw. The letters were translated in November 2021 by Leon Zamosc.


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