Izbica Kujawska (IK), the  6th largest shtetl in the ADJCP shtetl list and maximum population of 1557 (57.4%) in 1909. IK was one of the oldest known shtetls with the first occurrence of Jews in the 1500’s, 8 Jews (7.4%) in 1674 (VS),  348 Jews (40.7%) in 1812. There was an independent shtetl with a wooden synagogue and cemetery managed by the Jewish community under the supervision of the owner of the estate, Kacper Skarbek. 

A second synagogue was completed in 1888. Renovations of the old building occured when under the management of the Jewish community of Wroclaw (Read More: www.sztetl.org.pl) and the Synagogue section.

For a history of the destruction of the IK Jewish community is described www.virtualshtetl.com see Holocaust 

The following list a few of the excellent summaries of the history of IK. We have highlighed the surnames in these histories bring attention to the Jewish residents of IK.


(We have highlighted Jewish surnames revealed in the histories)

(We have highlighted the Jewish surnames mentioned in this history)