The Jewish Families of Izbica Kujawska


Families of Izbica Kujawska Panel: The couple featured on the Video and Families of IK is Hilda Gimpel z”l and Harry Eisen z”l who were born in families from Izbica Kujawska.  

Family Surname List & Family Histories 

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Family Surnames List 

(Surnames from multiple sources dating back to the late 1700’s)

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Family Histories

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Drabinski (also see Zurawski)

Eisen (see Gimpel)


Prochownik (see Korenblit)

The Jewish Neighbourhood

*We were able to research a few pre Holocaust addresses however Market Square location has not been located ( (online). 

*SOURCE: (for Izbica Kujawska)

Jewish Merchants of Izbica Kujawska

Jews made significant contributions to the growth and prosperity economic life of the town and its vicinity between the mid 1800’s and the Holocaust. This amazing compilation ( outlining the “WHO’S WHO” of the Jewish establishment in Izbica Kujawska reveals how the economic and cultural growth was in large part the result of the input of the Jewish community.

In the years 1916–1917, out of all 64 shops open in the town, 30 (46%) were owned by Jews, and in 1920, 40 out of all 52 shops (77%).1919: 17 ‘large’ stores in Izbica, all Jewish-owned; Szoel Topiński, Icek Topiński, Jakub Menche, Szemel Blitz sold animal hides, Fradel Izbicki, Mordka Zieliński – shoes, Tobiasz Bielawski – furs and sheepskin coats, Mojsze Bielawski, Mojsze Izbicki – underwear and body stockings, Icek Hersz Bryll, Izrael Bryll, Michael Jakubowski, Luzer Jakubowski, Fałek Złotogórski, Dawid Prochownik, Icek Lubiński – textiles and ready-to-wear clothes.

  • Some of the wealthiest residents of the town were merchants trading with Jewish owners of local land estates. For example, Bieżyński, the owner of Osiecz Wielki (he sold his estate in April 1919 to Wittelschein, an Evangelical Christian, and left for Warsaw) employed Rywen Katz and Majlech Stachelberg as administrators of his estate and a plot in the forest in Osiecz Wielka. Icek Majer Boroba and Abram Hołkiewicz managed the Chociszew manor farm. 
  • In 1926–1927, Izrael Sztachelberg and Samuel Wizer owned land estates near Izbica. Some of the most affluent merchants from the town were Szmul Majer Abramowicz, Mendel Salmonowicz, and traders in grain and cereal products: Eliasz Izbicki, Zysel Łepek, Mojsze Wajmtak, Lejzor Łepek, Szmul Sochaczewski, Rojza Szabimska, Mojsze Dobrzyński, Mojsze Bauman (he was also the co-owner of a local mill) and Lejb Winter.
  • Among other Jew engaged in trade were M. Mamelak (cotton), Elert brothers (cattle), T. Izbicki, A. Ungier, Wiesental, A. Wolf, M. Zielińska, S. Zielińska (shoes), M. Mamelak, Mordka Markowski, Moszek Markowski (eggs and dairy products), J. Izbicki (grain), D. Parzęczewski, M. Sperling (horses), E. Bądźzdrów, S. Bądźzdrów, S. Dobczyńska, H. Ferszt, S. Fiszer, J. Frenkiel, J. Frohman, R. Grojnowski, J. Kohn, M. Kohn, M. Lewi, S. Lewi, J. Lurie, T. Łepek, G. Mamelak, A. Pelcner, W. Pelcner, A. Przednówek, M. Rozental, A. Rozental, M. Sochaczewski (manufacturing workshops), A. Blitz, M. Markowski, J. Menche, L. Zyskind (animal hides), M. Drachman, R. Gimpel, R. Grojnowska, S. Łaski, C. Mamelak, T. Winer (groceries), I. Blumenfeld (glass and porcelain), M. Szlamowicz (tobacco products), Icek Bryl, Izrael Bryl, G. Dobryński, B. Fiszer, M. Jakubowicz, C. Lubiński, D. Kalman (ready-to-wear clothes), J. Praszkier, T. Winer (wines), M. Bielawski, I. Bernsztejn, M. Izbicki, S. Rotenberg, F. Topińska (accessories), Z. Zandberg (hats), H. Auerbach, J. Kühn, M. Bibrowski, K. Lejman, L. Nasielski, N. Nosow, B. Piechotka, I. Czerniak, S. Danielski, C. Dobryński, H. Radziejewska, M. Dobryński, Z. Radziejewska, E. Rafałowicz, E. Izbicka, E. Izbicki, S. Rotenberg, S. Rozenberg, L. Jakubowski, I. Rozental, M. Sochaczewski, S. Kotowski, M. Szlamowicz, M. Wajnsztok, M. Warszawski, B. Waserman, I. Węgorz, J. Winer, H. Złotogórska (colonial goods).
  • Jewish craftsmen: 40 Jews out of all 43 active tailors in the town (93%), 8 out of 18 shoemakers (44%), 5 out of 6 capmakers (83%), and 7 out of 13 leatherworkers (54%). There were also some Jewish metalsmiths, bakers, butchers, and representatives of other crafts (metalsmiths: F. Fersz, J. Wiland, A. Złotnicki, bakers: I. Bauman, A. Grimpel, A. Rozental, M. Rozental, Moszek Rozental, M. Sosnowiec, M. Sznek, D. Zygier, tailors: Z. Goljan, C. Krygier, E. Krygier, D. Lubiński, watchmaker: D. Francuz, shoemakers: O. Kirchenbaum, L. Najhaus, M. Niezgódzki, G. Szerman, A. Wizental, hairdressers: B. Moszkowski, S. Zontag, butchers: E. Lejman, H. Lejman, I. Łepek, I. Nosol, F. Przedecki. A. Reis, I. Rozental).  In the 1920s, Zalman Kłubski and Moszek Łepek ran a transport company. It provided a bus service on the route to Koło.
  • Among the physicians running practices in Izbica were Chaim Klein (in the years 1924–1930), M. Dojcze, Henryk Lipszyc, dentist Majer Bokman, and paramedic Jakub Pajecki (since 1913). M. Rozental ran a restaurant.
Summary table of all identified occupations and associated surnames: