Gimpel-Eisen: The couple featured on the Video and IK Families icon (home page) is Hilda Gimpel and Harry Eisen who were born in families from Izbica Kujawska. They married and survived the Holocaust to live very successful lives in California, USA. This is Hilda’s interview in 2001.

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The Gimpel-Sluzewski family- can be tracked back into the early 1800s to Piorkow Kujawska and Radjiejow. Haim Gimpel and Gila Sluzewski had 11 children. No. 8 was the father of Wolf Gimpel, Michal Berek Gimpel (1893 (IK) to 1942) . Wolf (1921-2004) was one of the few of his family to survive the Holocaust and returned to his home town frequently.