Jakubowski (Jacobs)

Jacobs (b.Jakubowski):  His grandparents were Hersz Jakubowski (1794-1848) & Marye Sznek (1803-1827) sp1-2 children and Taube Barcinska (1808-1890) sp2 – 12 children. 

Ken interviewed Vivienne June 2021  interview with Vivienne Durell. Other family surnames were Barcinska,  Izbiki, Markowska, Belle and Szperka.


A Memoir 1953 by Harry Jacobs

 This memoir of Harry Jacobs (b. Hersh Jakubowski May 26, 1883) surfaced several years ago as related by family descendant Vivienne Durell in a Jewishgen Family Finder conversation with Ken Drabinsky Junes 2021 (who also has Jakubowski in his family). Donated with permission of Vivienne and her California cousin Suzanne Ginsberg Bachman (3C1XR). It is a truly amazing elouent detailed memoir of Herman’s early life in Izbica Kujawska and America. The Memoir was originally writeen on a typewriter with at times faded ink.

Vivienne has kindly offered tore-transcribe the memoir into a readable format and it is presented here in its entirety.