Korenblit/Korn/Cohen 2nd?

KORENBLIT (KORN, COHEN): This family of Abis Kornblic and Dwojre has been researched back the mid 1800’s in Wieniawa, Lublin Province however number of children is sketchy.

Son Hirsch Lieb Zvi Korenblit (~1835 Wieniawa POL- Bef.1902) & Laja Prochownik (1835 IK – 1902 IK) had five children.Two of their sons were Benjamin Cohen (b.Korenblit 1871-1937)— Marcy Cohen’s GF) and Sam Korenblit (1874-1947) came from IK. The oldest of 5 children of Hirsch and Leya was Abe Hersz K. (b.1864 who married Gela Faigel, daughter of Mojsie Grynbaum & Malka Sznek. Son #2, David (b.1865) married Szprynce Miochalowska (1 child). Dwojre married Icek Sztainbok (4 children) and then Ben and Sam.

Sam’s descendant Michael Schoenholtz comments:
“Son Benjamin left Poland in 1895 for England, then Canada, then Israel where he died. Son Sam left in 1905 for New York and spent the rest of his life in New Jersey. What continues to fascinate me is that Ben’s family presumed that his. younger brother Sam, who was left behind in IK, was lost in the Holocaust. Meanwhile, Sam hadn’t seen Ben since 1895, and the family said that Sam had a brother living some place in England but no one knew anything else about him.
A few years ago, I found a DNA match with Benjamin’s granddaughter Maya, who lives in Israel. After much discussion, DNA triangulation and family comparison with Maya’s son, we concluded that we were indeed talking about the two lost brothers, Ben and Sam. Each family had heard of the other brother’s existence, but no one could piece anything together until now. In my estimation there is no indication or practical reason to believe the two brothers ever saw each other after 1895. Their last names had changed, and they lived too far apart, in different countries. But they appeared together in this composite photo for the first time in 125 years.”
  • Ben Cohen (b.Korenblit) & granddaughter Sylvia Plotkin; Sam & Minnie Korn (Korenblit)—Michael’s great grandparents). 

Note from Benjamin Cohen’s descendant Marcy Cohen Vancouver, British Columbia CAN 2021: “Sam and his wife Mina Finkstein had 7 children and lived on the farm until 1936 at which time they emigrated to Israel but passed away shortly after. A few children settled in other cities in Western Canada* and Chicago.The complete story (although with a few errors) was written by son Harry Cohen in the Edenbridge Histories.”

Samuel Jacob Korn (b. Korenblit 1874-1947) married Minnie Behr of Konin and also had 7 children—with family surnames, Schoenholtz, Rochenson, Pearlman, Feldman, and LasserIn addition, Sam and Mina’s youngest child Isadore disappeared at the age of 14. His story was reconstructed by his grand nephew Michael in his 2021 semi-fictionalized book Call Me John , a Genealogical Mystery Based on a True Story (read excerpts on Amazon here). 

 * Note from Ken Drabinsky: “In a phone conversation with Marcy Cohen (Ben’s descendant) in 2020, I was surprised to hear that Sam’s brother Benjamin Cohen (b. Kornblit in Izbica Kujawska -Marcy’s grandfather), homesteaded in 1913 in the Jewish Agricultural Colony of Edenbridge, Saskatchewan, Canada, which was where my maternal Jacobson-Levik family homesteaded. Coincidentally, my paternal Drabinsky family that also emigrated from the Izbica Kujawska/Chodecz/Przedecz area homesteaded just 200km south of Edenbridge—practically neighbours once again.”