LEPEK: The Lepek Family name appears in the trees of at least 4 ADJCP participants: Berthe (Betty) Fisbein-Kibel, Eric Chaim Lepek, Vivienne Durrell, and Ken Drabinsky. 

  • Berthe (Betty) Fisbein-Kibel (Paris, France), daughter of Rifka Rybinska and Jukiew Kibel revealed numerous connections to Izbica Kujawska:
  1. Betty’s grandparents were Moszek Rybinski(1873 Klodawa-1916 Turek) & Chaya Sura Lepek (1867 IK-?) who married 1898 IK. They had 7 children.
  2. her Aunt Taube Zurawska (b. Mar 14 1899 IK – 1995) who married Naftali Lepek (Dec 16 1901 Turek-Mar 25 2000 Paris) 
  3. her sister Estera Rybinska (b. 1901 Klodawa-1939) married Wolf Lepek (~1893-1941) from Izbica Kujawska. They had 2 daughters: Macha and Rebecca in Izbica Kujawska who were first cousins to Betty. This family lived in Turek. Wolf and his 2 daughters perished during the Holocaust in Chelmno 1941, 
  4. Wolf’s parents were Michal Lepek (1893 IK-1941 Chelmno) and Chaya Wisniewska (1901 Klodawa-1939)

Additional family surnames are Cymerman, Zurawski, Goldstein, Kibel

  • Eric Chaim Lepek—ADJCP Genealogy Research made another connection to IK between Betty Fisbein-Kibel and Eric Chaim Ether Lepek (Israel) and the common  link was  via Switzerland.   
  • Vivienne Durrell – The connection is through Betty’s GGGM Laya Szperlng (Jozef).
  • Ken Drabinsky – The connection to Betty is through her GGF David Lepek whose daughter Chaya Sura married Moszek Rybinski (Betty’s grandparents) David’s younger sister Estera Lepek married Hersh Berek Zurawski (Chodecz). Hersz’s younger sister was Rivka who married Jacob Meyer Drabinski (Ken’s GGF)