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 2023 Memorial Tour May 13-19, 2023

Pre Trip preparations by ADJCP

In September 2022, Marysia Galbraith and Roberta Books met Polish partners and set up itineraries. This proved very rewarding for all. To learn more about their visit to Zychlin Read Here.

 Zychlin Tour Details Day 3 May 15


A subgroup of Zychlin descendants is scheduled for a Shtetl Tour on Day 3 (May 15). For tour details Read More



The Zychlin subgroup is actively involved in multiple projects with local activists in Zychlin. (see panels below)

  1. Joint community and educational activities with local activists
  2. ADJCP signed a Letter of Intent attesting to our interest in local efforts to rebuild the synagogue, which is in a major state of dilapidation.
  3. ADJCP is in the planning stages to honour the righteous gentile Stanislaw Szuldrzynski and will provide a plaque to be unveiled during our visit in May.
  4. ADJCP is leading efforts to restore the Zychlin cemetery, improve signage and fencing, and provide for ongoing local maintenance.  


Zychlin Mayor Grzegorz Ambroziak

Bozena Gajewska, former director of The Friends of the Kutno Region (TPZK); currently Forum for Dialog board member

TPZK – The Friends of the Kutno Region

Anna Wrzesinksa and the Association of Zychlin History Enthusiasts (TMHZ)


We are seeking memoirs, videos, documents, and letters of people and places connected to Jewish Zychlin.

Please contact Zychlin Shtetl Coordinator Lori Sandoval (