Holocaust in Zychlin

The Jewish community of Zychlin ceased to exist by September 1939 and the majority of its Jewish citizens were killed by February 1942—however a few survived capture.

“Out of several thousand Jews from Zychlin, a handful remained alive. None of them, except for one Hanburg family, returned to the city. The regret expressed by the moribund at the liquidation of Jews is sincere, although the anti-Semitic population in general does not miss Jews, but longs for the old, pre-war life.  The Jews were a symbol of this life. They gave the city a character, a specific rhythm. When they are gone, the city seems to be extinct. Although Zychlin does exist, it is not the same Zychlin – the city of my childhood.”…Helena Bodek, Jak Tropione Zwierzeta (Hunted Like Animals)

Holocaust Resources For Zychlin

Ghetto Map of Zychlin

Sources:  Poplawski, Bogdan HISTORIA ZABUDOWY ULICY  NARUTOWICZA W ŻYCHLINIE DAWNYM MAŁYM MIEŚCIE LOKACYJNYM (History of Settlement Along Narutowicza Street in Zychlin)