Although there are a few references to an “old cemetery” the only known 20th century Jewish cemetery in Zychlin was located on Lukasinski Street. In 2013, Henryk Olszewski contributed a brief history and summary of the cemetery status as follows:

“The Jewish cemetery in Żychlin is located at ul. Łukasiński. During World War II, the Nazis shot Jews from Żychlin there. One of these executions took place during the liquidation of the ghetto – a large group of sick and infirm people were killed here. The Nazis devastated the cemetery, using the tombstones for construction works, including the construction of a piggery on a nearby property. After the liberation, the abandoned cemetery fell into disrepair. In the 1960s, one of the former inhabitants of Żychlin in his letter to representatives of Jewish communities wrote that: “a neighbour of this cemetery made a pasture for cattle there (…), he tried to cultivate a piece of the cemetery for planting potatoes, in the place where the murdered Jews rest” .

In recent years, several lapidary monuments have been erected from the preserved fragments of matzevot. The mass grave of the Holocaust victims was also marked. A small, whitewashed tombstone draws attention. The Hebrew inscription on it reads: “This matzeva is located in the place of the ohel of Mr. Szmuel Abba of Żychlin, son of Mr. Zelig, grandson of the saint Mr. Fiszel of Stryków, who died on 26 elul (5) 639”. Thanks to the initiative of the inhabitants of Żychlin, the area of the necropolis was fenced. Entry to the cemetery is possible through an unlocked gate”. March 14, 2013 by Henryk Olszewski History of Zychlin 

Three newspaper articles obtained t bafrom Ewa Andrzejewska of the Zychlin Library clarify the role of Moshe Zyslender in designing and erecting the largest monument at the cemetery in 1989. For details and translation see History section.

[Additional comments: (International Jewish Cemetery Project)

“The earliest known Jewish community was 1734…The Jewish cemetery was established probably at the first half of the 18th century with the last known Orthodox or Conservative Jewish burial 1939-1945…The isolated suburban crown of a hill has a sign in Polish. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all with a continuous fence and non-locking gate…”

Comments on Virtualny Sztetl:

“The Jewish cemetery in Zychlin is located a Lukasinskiego Street. During WWII, it was there that the Germans executed the Jews from Zychlin. One of such executions took place during the ghetto elimination—a large group of sick and disabled people was murdered here. The Nazis devastated the cemetery and used gravestones for construction of, amongst others, a pigsty in the neighbouring estate. After liberation, the abandoned cemetery deteriorated. Recently, several monuments were erected from preserved pieces of matzot. The collective grave of Holocaust victims was also marked as well as the grave of tzaddik Szmuel Abba from Zychlin, the son of Zelig’s. On the initiative of Zychlin residents the cemetery was fenced.”…K. Bielawski

This matzevot was at the site of the Ohel of Rabbi Shmuel Abba of Zychlin and translates to read: “Son of Rabbi Zelig, grandson Rabbi Fishel of Stryków (date of passing in 5639 – Gregorian 1878-1879). Committee for the Tents of the Righteous under the authority of Rabbi of Israel Meir Gabbai*” (translation by Leon Zamosc)

* Yisroel Meir Babbai is a Breslover Hasid who travels the world to locate, repair, and maintain Jewish cemeteries, kevarim (gravesites) and shells of Torah notables and tzaddiks. He is the found of Agues Ohalel Tzadikim. (Wikipedia)

Two maps are a Google map of the cemetery and a LIDAR relief map showing subtle depressions on the surface. Yellow star represents mass grave of ~200 Jewish inhabitants of Zychlin. (Source: Google Maps & www.zychlin-historia.com). For additional details see Holocaust page.

Cemetery Pictures (historical)

Zychlin Cem Cleanup

Winter 1996 (L. Zlatkin)

2006 (L. Zlatkin)

From Zychlin Cmentarzre (Kirkuty) (2006)

Cemetery Pictures 2018*

This series of pictures shows the entrance path and “wheel” gate, the condition of the main Zyslender monument, examples of matzvot captured from destruction and overviews of the growth during the 2018 summer season.

*submitted by ADJCP subscriber David Goren

Returning to Zychlin —Post Holocaust Commenoration at the Cemetery

While the Holocaust brought Jewish life in Zychlin to an abrupt end, many surviving Zychliners have expressed strong memories of their home shtetl.

After the realization that no one remained in the town, numerous Zychliners scattered throughout the world, forming Zychlin Associations, contributing to the Yizkor Book, and  re-creating their family stories once again.

A group led by Mosze Zyslender erected a monument in 1992 to those who were killed in the cemetery. The inscription reads:

“In memory of our brothers buried in this cemetery for hundreds of years, as well as murdered by Nazi criminals n Chelmno 1942. May God avenge their blood.” (Source: Cmentarze zydowskie w Polsce, “Zychlin”)

The three articles from 1989 reproduced here were in response to Zyslender’s desire to establish a monument plaque in the Jewish Cemetery in Zychlin.

Source of newspaper articles: Ewa Andrzewska, Zychlin Public Library, Zychlin.

Click on the articles for the English translation. (Google translation by Ken A Drabinsky 2021)