The Jewish Families of Zychlin


Families of Zychlin Panel: Anna Fox Plumer and her husband Isidor Plumer (seated front row left), their children, spouses, and grandchildren on the occasion of grandson Buddy Plumer’s bar mitzvah. Year  ~ 1938 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (family of Lori Sandoval).


Family Surname List & Family Histories

The ADJCP Genealogy Research team and shtetl subgroups have access to multiple databases gathered from many sources and are very active in one of our mandates…

“Support the genealogical research of the descendants of the region’s Jewish communities.”

The Zychlin subgroup is actively researching family linkages for many families in the shtetls in JCP which are intricately connected through marriages.. By providing details of your ancestral family linkages, you are making significant contributions to our knowledge of the once vibrant Jewish community of Zychlin. READ MORE 

Please submit your abbreviated Family Histories/Oral Histories/pictures/family connection (Max. 500 words) to (submitters will be recognized) 

Family Surname List

(Surnames from multiple sources dating back into the late 1700’s)

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Family Histories

(may include Personal Family Stories, Oral Histories, Family Trees, Pictures)

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The Jewish Neighbourhood

Pictures shown here were mostly taken with video in 1996 and 2005 by Lawrence Zlatkin on a walking tour of Jewish Zychlin. The video begins at the Town Clock and then onto Kilingswiego west to ul. Zlota gradually heading North to the Synagogue.

Zychlin with Jewish landmarks

Google Map outlines the cemetery, synagogue, and ghetto boundaries.  

The Jewish Quarter and Residences

(Click on Maps to Enlarge)

This frame depicts three historical periods and the changes in the Jewish quarter over time.  

Updating of maps is on a continuing basis. Please submit known ancestral family house addresses to Lori Sandoval (

Jewish Merchants of Zychlin