Zlatkin: Rafael (Ralph) Zlatkin was born 1924-03-12 in Zychlin, Poland. Rafael was the son of Roman and Dvorah Zlatkin, He had a brother Josef. The Zlatkin family was sent to the Zychlin ghetto. Rafael’s mother advised him to escape the ghetto; she later died in the ghetto. Rafael was interned in Mauthausen and later deported to Auschwitz where his prisoner number was #124274. In Auschwitz he worked with the food supplies and managed to steal some food and distribute it to other prisoners. At the end of the war, Rafael was sent on a death march. He survived and made his way to a Displaced Persons’ camp in Salzburg, Austria.(Below: Displaced persons papers)

In April 1948 he immigrated to Canada and settled in Montreal, Quebec (he landed in Halifax). His father also survived the war and remarried. Later he also immigrated to Montreal. Rafael met his future wife, Gertrude, in Montreal in November 1948. Source: Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre. Accession No. 2002.40.5










Oral History: Rafael Zlatkin sat for an interview Nov 14, 1996 in Montreal with the USC Soah Foundation Institute

It was a digitized oral interview available only at selected locations.


Video donated with permission by ADJCP subscriber Lawrence Zlatkin—son of Ralph Zlatkin. The video includes filming during 1996 winter and July 2005 summer. Still pics from the video are in the Synagogue segment.

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