Zychlin Sugar Factor

“Sugar factory, Electrical and mechanical plant – In 1853, Leopold Kronen established. sugar refiner called “Walentyow” in the settlement of Walentynow at the outskirts of Zychlin (Kossuth, p. 59 and erroneous date-1851. Cukrownictwo, p. 99). In 1850, he established a joint-stock company which acquired the sugar plant. In 1870 the equipment of the sugar factory consisted of 7 steam boilers, 14 steam engines with the total capacity of 116HP, 6 hyddraulic compressors, 8 lime tanks, 5 filter compressors, 10 filters, 12 rotors, 3 boiling pots…the sugar factory emplyed 460 workers, and the value of annual production was est. 550000 roubles.”sztetl.org.pl