Memorial Tour 2022 Update

While the prospects are improving with increasing vaccination and declining COVID numbers, we do not know when enough normality will be restored for safe travel and visiting Poland. To be able to make a timely decision about the trip, we have set the following deadline: 

If by the end of September 2021 the safety outlook is positive and certain, we will confirm and continue organizing the trip for the late Spring of 2022.

Otherwise, we will set another deadline to consider whether the trip would be possible for later in 2022.

Well Known Celebrated Descendants of JCP

The website now features a slide show of a small selection of well known JCP descendants who have left their legacy for future generations.

A complete list will be featured on the website in 2022. 


July 2021


Board of Directors

 Our first Board of Directors meeting is slated for July 3. Presently there are seven on the Board: Leon Zamosc, Marysia Galbraith, Roberta Books, Rita Kashub, Ken Drabinsky, Moshe Zaideman, and Lori Sandoval.

Interested in joining the Board? Please Contact: Leon at: lzamosc@ucsd.edu

IK Shtetl Team (Subgroup)

The 1st meeting was held on June 27. Participants were SC Ken Drabinsky, AP Vivienne Durell, Jean Davis and Vilma Kalman. For queries please contact kadrabinsky@telus.net

Yizkor Books Progress

PRZEDECZ *  40% completed 

KUTNO**  81% completed

3 More Yizkor Books are in the Works: 


If anyone is interested in participating in the translations please contact:

Leon Zamosc: lzamosc@ucsd.edu

Sources: R. Books*; **Jewishgen.org

Shtetl Coordinators 

Artwork: Harry Daniels (b.Danielowicz) Kolo

We are looking for volunteers for Shtetl Coordinators (SC) and supporting Active Participants (AP) to manage information and databases, collaborate with other sectors, & handle queries. If you are interested in any particular shtetl we welcome your input.

Chodecz Shtetl:

SC Ken Drabinsky 

Contact kadrabinsky@telus.net

Gombin Shtetl:

SC Leon Zamosc: 

Contact lzamosc@ucsd.edu

Izbica Kujawska Shtetl:

SC Ken Drabinsky: 

Contact kadrabinsky@telus.net

Krosniewice Shtetl:

SC Rita Kashub:

Contact rita.kashub@gmail.com

Wloclawek Shtetl: 

SC Marysia Galbraith

Contact mgalbrai@ua.edu

Zychlin Shtetl:


AP Marysia Galbraith

The remaining shtetls are OPEN. For more info or Volunteer activities, please contact: 

communicationandoutreach@jewishcentral  poland.org